Thursday, August 17, 2017

Music is the Universal Language retro painting

I am a huge music fan!  I have been collecting music and concert going since I was a kid.  I remember buying my first record album at Woolworths for $3.99.

I set up this still life with some cool item from my collection.  The Panasonic 8-Track still works and I still listen to my tapes on occasion.    I set this up and realized that I forgot a cassette tape and tried to fit it in, but didn't like the composition as well.  I really enjoyed painting the image on the top 8-track.  It is  Harry Chapin's face - can you tell?

When I posted this on Facebook I asked if anyone recognized the album on the bottom of the pile.  Hint - take a look at the lower left corner at the ruby slipper.  Do you know what it is??

I love this piece.  You can purchase a print on Etsy  !  The original is available too!

Leave a comment letting me know about your music collection!