Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I love this still life painting. This collection almost tells a story.

This is my favorite painting of mine at the moment.  The colors, textures, light and dark, reflections all work together well.   Each piece is meaningful to me.  The  glass sphere on the left was my wedding cake topper.  I built my cake design around this topper that I found and had to have.  In the center is a lamp base that belonged to my great grandparents.  The shade is a beautiful glass antique shade.  The red  and gold vase on the right is red Venetian glass that I purchase on a trip to Venice.  I added the Vodka bottle to reflect the wonderful colors and the marshmallows just for fun!

I call this painting 80 Proof and hope you like it! 

You can purchase prints on Fine Art America !!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New Art Still Life full of color and art supplies!

I recently finished  a new still life piece.  This one is so much fun - full of color and interest!  I set this up using my some prismacolor pencils in a vintage ball  jar.  Painting glass has kind of become my thing so I wanted the jar in there.  It added so much interest with the distorted reflections of the pencils.  The 2 books are colored pencil related too.  My little duck sits in my studio and watches me paint.  I wanted to use him in a still life and this is what happened~!

This is a 10 x 10 acrylic on paper.  I framed it with a black and silver wooden frame and it looks fantastic if I do say so myself :)  I am saving it for the 2017 show season, but you can purchase prints on Etsy or make me an offer - you never know :) :) 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Vintage Game Bonkers watercolor - Small works are the best!

I found a fun vintage game at a garage sale called Bonkers.  It is a great game that is played differently every time.  The colors and design of the board intrigued me.  I set up a still life with game pieces and a die for this watercolor painting.  Added some ink lines and it was fini!!

The original sold immediately on Facebook, and several prints as well.  I did enjoy painting this piece that is only 5 x 7.  Small works are great for grouping several together in an interesting collection. 

I added Giclee reproductions to Etsy if you want to start your own small works collection!! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Music is the Universal Language retro painting

I am a huge music fan!  I have been collecting music and concert going since I was a kid.  I remember buying my first record album at Woolworths for $3.99.

I set up this still life with some cool item from my collection.  The Panasonic 8-Track still works and I still listen to my tapes on occasion.    I set this up and realized that I forgot a cassette tape and tried to fit it in, but didn't like the composition as well.  I really enjoyed painting the image on the top 8-track.  It is  Harry Chapin's face - can you tell?

When I posted this on Facebook I asked if anyone recognized the album on the bottom of the pile.  Hint - take a look at the lower left corner at the ruby slipper.  Do you know what it is??

I love this piece.  You can purchase a print on Etsy  !  The original is available too!

Leave a comment letting me know about your music collection!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Vintage Chrome watercolor painting done! Lots of reflections and colors!

If you haven't already, check out my previous post for work in progress photos!  It took me several more sessions to complete the painting.  I also tweeked some of the darks to make them darker.  I always want to have some good darks in my watercolors.  I see so many that are almost one value.

Someone commented how this is both realistic and abstract.  I was thinking the same thing.  The reflection shapes are abstract in nature, but realistic by design.  I was particularly happy with how the headlight came out.  I was dreading that part, but it turned out to be much easier than expected.  That is typical for me - the part I save for last turns out being easy in comparison.

Above is the piece framed and ready to submit for the jury process in the Central New York Watercolor Society  juried show.  This is a fall show open to signature and associate members.

You can purchase reproductions of  'Vintage Chrome' on Fine Art America !!

Thanks for reading and sharing my latest work!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Watercolor - chrome and reflections painting Work in Progress

I visited a vintage car museum in Eagles Mere, PA.  I love old cars, particularly muscle cars!  I had a Chevy Vega in college.  It burned as much oil as gas, but it was red and black and got me where I needed to go - case of oil in the back always :)

This is the beginning of the painting.  It is very details with lots of reflections in the chrome.  I am trying to be as true to the photo as I can.

Below are the results of painting sessions 2 & 3.  More work on the bumper and chrome.  There are some great reflections of signs and even a tiny American flag in one spot.  The Blue and Red spots here and there really make things pop and add interest.  I am looking forward to my next session!

Thanks for looking and I will certainly post another installment soon - perhaps with the finished product!

Monday, June 5, 2017

A visit to Golden Artist Colors! Acrylics, watercolors and oils

 Employee hand painting the color charts for true to life color!

I had the pleasure to get a behind the scenes tour at Golden Artist Colors in New Berlin, NY,  Golden Artist Colors, Inc began in June of 1980 in a 900 square foot barn by Sam and Adele Golden,  It is an employee owned company that has grown and added new products over the years.  It is currently under the control of Sam and Adele's son,  Mark Golden

This looks like some of Golden's acrylic mediums. 

I use Golden Acrylic paints on all my fine art creations.  They are known for having no fillers in their paint leaving room for ALL pigment and binder.  The colors are incredible and if you compare them with other brands you can see the difference.

My group from the Central New York Watercolor Society on tour.

I have now started adding Golden QoR watercolors to my stash of paint.  They are much more powerful than traditional watercolor because of the exclusive binder.  QoR's exclusive binder gives color greater intensity and clarity, while retaining the best qualities of watercolor.

Some cases packed with history on the company!

We were taken to the basement floor to see the operations, but were not allowed to take photos there.  I was impressed how much work is still being done by hand.  The color swatch on each acrylic tube is hand painted,  You know exactly the color you are purchasing.  I loved seeing the paint flow into large tubs to be loaded into jars or tubes.  Golden also has a line of oil paint that I'm sure is heads above the rest.

They do have a shop and I purchased a t-shirt sporting hand painted color swatches.  I know I am an art geek :)  If you ever get the chance to visit New Berlin, be sure to stop in and have a look around!