Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Watercolor - chrome and reflections painting Work in Progress

I visited a vintage car museum in Eagles Mere, PA.  I love old cars, particularly muscle cars!  I had a Chevy Vega in college.  It burned as much oil as gas, but it was red and black and got me where I needed to go - case of oil in the back always :)

This is the beginning of the painting.  It is very details with lots of reflections in the chrome.  I am trying to be as true to the photo as I can.

Below are the results of painting sessions 2 & 3.  More work on the bumper and chrome.  There are some great reflections of signs and even a tiny American flag in one spot.  The Blue and Red spots here and there really make things pop and add interest.  I am looking forward to my next session!

Thanks for looking and I will certainly post another installment soon - perhaps with the finished product!

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