Monday, July 17, 2017

Vintage Chrome watercolor painting done! Lots of reflections and colors!

If you haven't already, check out my previous post for work in progress photos!  It took me several more sessions to complete the painting.  I also tweeked some of the darks to make them darker.  I always want to have some good darks in my watercolors.  I see so many that are almost one value.

Someone commented how this is both realistic and abstract.  I was thinking the same thing.  The reflection shapes are abstract in nature, but realistic by design.  I was particularly happy with how the headlight came out.  I was dreading that part, but it turned out to be much easier than expected.  That is typical for me - the part I save for last turns out being easy in comparison.

Above is the piece framed and ready to submit for the jury process in the Central New York Watercolor Society  juried show.  This is a fall show open to signature and associate members.

You can purchase reproductions of  'Vintage Chrome' on Fine Art America !!

Thanks for reading and sharing my latest work!

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